A Year in Shorts Day 24: "Kings of the Turf"

Over a week ago, we covered Marines in the Making, a Pete Smith Specialty about… well, the title says it all. Today we’re looking at a short that has nothing to do with Pete Smith, but it certainly feels like it does. It's 1941's Kings of the Turf!

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Remember yesterday how I said Fifty Percent Grey didn't give me a whole lot to talk about? Well that goes double for Kings of the Turf. What is there to say? It's a decently amusing documentary about horses! What do I know about horses? Nothing!

Directed by Harold Medford and narrated by... look, must we keep up this charade? You watched the short, right? What is there to say? Nothing! The most interesting thing I could think to say about it was when I thought it was a Pete Smith Specialty, which isn't even true!

Kings of the Turf is FINE. It's not good, nor bad, but it's fine. It's educational, entertaining enough, and at ten minutes isn't a huge waste of time.

Ugh. I'm really going to need to start looking at more interesting shorts, aren't I? Three average shorts in a row certainly can't be that fun to read about. Well, tomorrow will be a lot more fun folks, because we're going to be checking out a true classic. You're not going to want to miss this one folks, it's going to be great.

Oh yeah. That'll do just fine.
(via IMDb)

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