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Song(s) of the Week #12: The 94th Academy Awards

The 94th Academy Awards are rapidly approaching, and the one question absolutely no one is asking is, “Who will win Best Original Song?” Because, I mean… it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. Sure, Disney didn’t submit the surprise smash hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno'' for nomination, but I don’t think that’s going to hold him back much, do you? But it might come as a surprise that there are four other songs nominated in that category this year. And in the spirit of the Oscars- namely taking works of art and arbitrarily declaring one to be better than the others- we’re going to rank them all from worst to best. Won’t that be fun? Well too bad, we’re doing it anyway! #5) "Somehow You Do"- Four Good Days You're probably familiar with the phrase, "Always a bridesmaid, and never a bride", and boy howdy does that phrase some up Diane Warren. This song marks her thirteenth Oscar nomination in over three decades, and it seems very unlikely that her unlucky streak's go

Some Thoughts on the 94th Academy Awards

All things considered, 2021 was a pretty damn good year for movies. I saw a lot of fantastic films over the past year, and I've still got plenty more to catch up on. Of course, just because a year is good for movies doesn't mean that the Oscars are going to reflect that. Far too often the Academy will overlook the truly great stuff released within a year in favor of a bunch of generic crap that no one will remember ten years on. But luckily, that largely doesn't seem to be the case with the 94th Academy Awards, at least from my perspective. (via Wikipedia) As always I'd like to start with a disclaimer about the movies from 2021 I haven't seen yet, and there are a lot of them! These include overlooked films like Titane and Passing, as well as contenders like CODA, Drive My Car, The Worst Person in the World, The Lost Daughter, Flee or Licorice Pizza. Hopefully I get the chance to catch up with some of these soon (or, in the case of movies already available on str