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This Year in Shorts: The 95th Academy Awards

  (via Wikipedia) Once again the most magical time of year is upon us- the time in which we look at all fifteen of this year's Oscar-nominated shorts and rank them arbitrarily based on my own personal preference at the time of publication. If that's not magical, I don't know what is! Still, I know that not everyone is as into the shorts as I am. Even aside from that, not everyone has the free time or desire to search all of them out. But the Academy will be airing ALL the categories live this year, and as such it might be good to have a baseline of what potential wins we should be celebrating or getting unreasonably mad about. And isn't getting unreasonably mad about things what awards season is all about? Not that there's too much to get worked up over this year. This year's crop of nominees are mostly pretty damn good, and even the bad ones don't make me angry like they did LAST year. Which came as a bit of a surprise to me, considering the guy who made t

Some Thoughts on the 95th Academy Awards

I've been meaning to return to this blog for months now, but for one reason or another (writer's block, holiday schedules, general laziness), I just never got around to it. But there really is no better time to write an Oscar blog than on the day the Oscar nominees are announced, and as such it seems like the perfect time to dust off the old mental faculties and get to work. What will this blog look like going forward? Who's to say? That's all for the future to decide. For now, we need to focus on the present! As always, there are many, many films (both nominated and otherwise) which I have not gotten around to seeing yet, so if I don't mention any of your particular favorites you can assume that's why. Anyone expecting hot takes about Babylon, Decision to Leave, Women Talking, Triangle of Sadness, Till, The Woman King or RRR (I did a REALLY bad job of seeing movies last year) are going to leave disappointed. At any rate, 2022 was a pretty good year for film,