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This Year in Shorts: The 94th Academy Awards

Once again, I find myself asking you to forgive me for my extended absence. I’ve been rather busy with schoolwork, and- if I’m being perfectly honest- I just haven’t really had a whole lot of thoughts which were worth writing down. I can’t really imagine a worse time for an Oscar blogger to have writer’s block than during Oscar season, but there you are. Still, if there’s one thing I’ve had a lot of thoughts about, it’s the Academy’s bone-headed decision to present eight categories before the ceremony, off the air- including all three short categories.  (via Wikipedia) Every category more than deserves its proper due on Oscar night, but few films benefit from that air time more than the shorts. Excepting the animated shorts that might get played before a family film, the Oscars are easily the biggest audience these shorts get. It’s a chance for people to get a look at them and check out a film they might not otherwise be interested in. It’s for this same reason I was against the Oscar